Gourmet Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa

Gourmet Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa

Gourmet Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa

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Limited Supply! Gourmet Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa

This bag contains 20 individual use sachets.

The rich finish of this handcrafted beverage shines through every delicious sip.

Start your day with a handcrafted Colombian coffee beverage. Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa is perfectly roasted coffee beans blended with just the right amount of rich natural vanilla flavor and coconut-based creamer for a smooth and delightful beverage.

Tasters detected a flavor of molasses, while others loved the hints of sweet vanilla. It’s definitely a cup that’ll keep you engaged until the very last drop.  Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa is the only way to start your day!

Each wholesome cup is enhanced with oxygenated delivery crystals containing Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid and Frankincense, each with its own recognized list of health benefits. People have been known to use these for their therapeutic benefits. 

When you wake up, you’ll want to get up. This energizing beverage will help power you through your day.

Black Girl Magic CBD is a proud distributor of CBD and CBDa products that have been tested by 3rd party labs to ensure high quality, purity, and ingredient labeling accuracy.  

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I'm so glad I found this site. Your products are perfect gifts for the Women & Girls in my family. You really made it easy.

Calvin F.

I just got my BGM Magical Mug delivered this morning. It was right on time! I LOVE this way it changes colors. Can't wait to show it off. Thank U!

Tameka D.

I'm always happy to support Black Owned businesses. The message within these products is a powerful one. I got a Tshirt and a Face Mask. I'll be back.

Sandra W.
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